Course Reflections


It’s that time of year again – personal reflections. I’d like to first start with a summary of my experience of the COMM 465. I honestly didn’t have any expectations coming into this course, in fact I had no idea what to expect. I thought marketing was no more than common sense and that it – but I quickly learned that I was wrong. There is a lot of depth and breadth in marketing! The different strategies that companies employ to position their products, and the multiple stages involved in the product cycles are all really fascinating. I definitely learned a lot through this course, and it was great that our instructor, Rui, backed up theory with real life examples both from the textbook as well as his personal experience.

Were there things that I wish I could’ve changed over the term? Not really – although I have to say that it would be more productive if the marketing groups were a lot smaller (e.g. 3-4 rather than a group of 6). I personally find that with any large group project, it is hard to have a cohesiveness in the final product/assignment since every has a different style of writing, or a different approach to the problem. That being said, I enjoyed my group and we had (from my opinion) fun producing the video project.

I like to end my final post by mentioning that I enjoyed not only the lecture content of the class, but the class diversity in the students. I was very interesting to have a copious amount of international students to provide a different point of view other than the North American standard.

I wish everyone good luck on their finals, and most importantly Happy Holidays!